Sunday, October 30, 2016

decisions decisions....

was thinking about this panel too for Dad
do I use the deer? (three brothers)
or do I use "Papa Bear" ?

I could use the three deer one for my hubs
I think he would like that
MAYBE I could do an attic window out of it
like this

I am doing THREE of these lap size
for my hunting brothers

and I guess this one for my Dad

borders are going to be a challenge
but do you think my brothers are going to fuss
as much as I am about them?
probably not
and if the three are different
then they can tell which quilt is theirs, right?

see? in my MIND I have a plan........hee hee

now to just get er done

1 comment: said...

You are going to have to commit soon....time is a tickin lady! I love those panels though.