Saturday, October 29, 2016

deer border

the deer I found and found the black fabric
so once the border is framed I THINK it is 
just the outside border
gotta check with Jenny again
so was auditioning
this one is a Fall leafy print
but close in color so not too sure

this one is woodsy with pinecones
I kinda like it
but there isnt much green in the panel

what do you think?


I guess borders are not my friend this year
I am having trouble deciding 
as I want to use from the stash if I can


Julierose said...

I like the Fall leaves a lot...("The Autumn Leaves drift by my window, the Autumn leaves of red and gold..." la la la laaaa--songs for all hugs for a great weekend...Julierose said...

I like the leaves also.