Saturday, October 22, 2016

doe a deer a female deer

bet I gotcha singing this morning LOL

this circle is destined for my 365 circle quilt
I think I will be calling that one quits
after half a year
it is HUGE and to make both the front and back
with circles it will be so heavy you wont be able to breathe!
but I still like it.
It is a little behind and thats ok too. 
it is a "for me" quilt so onto the back burner she goes for a bit

this one however has to come to the front of the line
I think I only need the black strips horizontally
and the border to finish the top
then I can go on to deer 2 and find sashing and window
fabrics and get it up to speed as well
then the third one. 
I am doing them one by one as the rows are a little tricky to 
keep in order
I want to make sure I dont swap out the wrong ones!

see? they are waiting for me.......
looking in
saying what are you waiting for?  come play with us

so after I do a little more on the turkey runners
and finishing the binding on the Christmas runner
I will gather this one up again and get busy
love love love it! I may have to make one for ME!

now where is that pineconey woodland fabric for the border?


Julierose said...

Love the deer windows quilt--that will be so beautiful...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

a panel just like that is on our bed right now. said...

Love it!