Monday, October 24, 2016

found it

Dunkin helped me find it
I was looking in the FABRIC section
but it was in the PROJECT section

silly me
anywho. this is the bear panel I want to
do for my Dad
I pulled a brown for border
but am not thrilled
am I having border issues???
(wheres Trump when you need him LOL)

I tried green in between
not liking that either

I dont have any black until I get
the deer all done as there are 3
quilts so not sure what the next plan
for this will be............

Dunkin is also trying to figure it out
do I need a bright yellow
to mimic the birch leaves?
I wanted to get it bordered and quilted
as there will be minimal piecing on it
just a panel with border(s)
will have to keep looking I guess

but like the fact that my bins are by color and accessible

so accessible that I found this little piece
left over from last year 
and decided to make a mug rug

while I played , I played with the quilting too
just because I can LOL

have a second one too and then will bind them both
at the same time.
love it!

linking up with Beth
of love laugh quilt

what are YOU making?


Bonnie said...

I'm wondering if your color is true on your picture. It looks to me (on my computer) that the brown you added looks more pink/red. But my question is what other color should brown look? I love your idea of making mug rugs from your leftovers. I may have to take a look at my excess "blocks" to see what I could do. said...

On my pad I like the green. Maybe a burnt orange?