Tuesday, October 4, 2016


it is getting colder here at night
so I am trying to capture the garden
so I know what is where come Spring

I am thinking I will have to do some major overhauling
as the trees that we took down were shading some plants

now they will be in the sun

I will get someone in here to get rid of the poison ivy
I dont dare do it myself after that last 3 weeks
of having it on my face and neck
not fun

but I will see what they have for bulbs and fun things 
to Plant in the Fall

I put a pumpkin on the tree stump in front
it looks lonely out there LOL
so will check out the seed and plant catalogs that 
will come in the winter while we have snow
up the ying yang
(yeah we are supposed to get slammed again this year with snow 
just for fun I guess)
and I will put money away for some brick border
and mulch and new plants
or maybe will trade some plants with some friends
we will see
I love my gardens and wish I could be out there more

I want to have some fragrant blooms
and some easy perennials that come back
that show some color and fun

sometimes I think I should be further along in that project
then I sit down and list out what we have done so far

we have been here 3 yrs Aug 12
in that time we have........
painted the living room a light gray to brighten it up
replaced plumbing under mobile front to back with pex pipe
made 2 outside faucets for gardening
painted the steps
replaced the roof
redid the bedroom with paint and new windows and new floor
rescreened the screen porch
replaced the bedroom closet mirror doors with wood doors
replaced washer and dryer
bought a lawn mower
and weed wacker

so I guess we HAVE done a lot.

on the to do list.......
new shed
enclose the porch more for winter
rip up living room rug and replace with new floor similar to bedroom one
redo the two bathrooms
new kitchen sink
redo kitchen cabinets in white to brighten it up
and maybe a new bathroom window in back.
the side one seems ok for now but that too 
is the only old window left.  may do both at once and get them done

should have just rebuilt from scratch huh?
anyway Lord willing, I am hoping that I can get those things done
in the next few years along with paying off the mortgage.
I guess I aim high


Julierose said...

Isn't it amazing how many things you do to keep a house running and nice to live in? We have a very long list here, too of projects we've done and those we'd like to do Mr. $$ will decide what hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

we have a long list to and not much money to do it with!