Wednesday, October 5, 2016

getting things done

so far on vacation I have accomplished a little
I took apart my pantry and threw out anything old and rearranged it
I put up the new curtain rods and curtains
I scrubbed the bathroom ceiling to floor and replaced the shower curtain
I bought my sewing machine nightgown and one for my niece
I bought 4 Christmas gifts for nieces
I finished up the Halloween mugrugs
brought back cans
called dr offices to fix billing issues
paid bills
had the grass mowed
and shampooed the liv room rug
had oil changed in car

today is Wed and on my list............
Dr apt with hubs
maybe haircut?
clean out screen room for winter

maybe I can bring the old rods back to the store and get my money back
we will see how much of a day is left after we go to the dr
it is a little bit of a ride so I will bring my knitting to work on in the office

I am loving there more and more
maybe I can make one look like they are 
ice skating?>??

have a productive day
I want to save Friday for some marathon sewing if I can
we will see.........


Julierose said...

Oh you are flyin' woman!1 good luck at the MD's. hugs, Julierose (the cut-up!!;))) said...

Those reindeer are just too darn cute. Enjoy the doctors. Next week is my turn with the ancient ones.

barbara woods said...

you are really catching up on your list