Friday, October 21, 2016

gobble gobble all around

back when my computer crashed I had these pics on the camera
and no way to load them
there were two adults and 8 babies
I had never seen baby turkeys in the wild
so it was so cute

until I tried to get out of my car in my driveway and mama was watching me

I waited till they left to go in my house!

but they were still cute and when mama cackled they ran and minded her!

these are my other turkeys

this one needs work done to both sides as you can see
this is one side and the other side only has
the feathers sewn on
have to decide if I am making the tie or the hat
for this one too  but will plug away little by little
as I am handsewing the pieces down
I like the look better
once they are done I will look for some 
Fall fabrics in the stash for borders and back
and then hopefully can quilt them both up at the same time

and this one has borders on and is ready to back and quilt
I really like this paisley background. the other one is muslin and 
is nice too but this one "speaks to me" I guess LOL

I found the backing and cut it and the batting
it is ready to iron and prep to quilt
I am thinking quilting in the center blocks
maybe diagonally?
then for the turkey section I am thinking some hand quilting
around the feathers and body shape to make them pop
if I anchor the borders and bind it I may
be able to handquilt as I have time
maybe I will follow some of the paisley 
"feathers" for the background
not sure yet
but I am hearing something..........
what is that ???

gobble gobble!

3 comments: said...

Your turkey looks great, and when Thanksgiving comes you can go out and grab one out of the yard!

Julierose said...

Your turkey looks so cute--loving that buckled hat...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

looking good!
I just finished twp and mailed off one to daughter in law