Tuesday, October 18, 2016

how old is this UFO?

for This UFO I put my ideas down on paper
I rarely do that
but if my memory serves me I was working at Chadwicks of Boston
and was teaching a gal from Haiti how to hand sew some drunkard path
blocks to make a quilt

I was using light and darks opposite each other
like this
but never worked on it again
I think we started this right before 9-11
and I never picked it up again

I may need to revisit
wouldnt this make a cool border 
for a round robin that stays with you?
hmmmm   I kind of like that idea......

in the meantime for this morning so far
I sewed the turkey feathers on the second runner
now he justs need the belly and body and feet and details on one square

I cut the backing for the first turkey runner and got batting cut as well 
it is ready to quilt and bind

I knit a few rows on a scarf for my granddaughter
it is now 10 inches long instead of 4

I also worked on a surprise project
one that I can not mention here
it only needs one more time working on it then binding

so I guess so far my Tuesday has been 
we will see what the rest of the day brings

hubs is buying a used car so lots of running around
and checking on money etc going on here
we are paying cash out of our savings if we can

have enough bills that I am trying to 
get rid of LOL

so to recap:
3 projects moved a little closer to the finish line
and some thinking and planning going on
I should go back to bed! tired already and my
work day hasnt even started

what are YOU up to?


barbara woods said...

cleaning for our family reuniopn

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Great job getting things going. Little bits st a time.