Wednesday, October 19, 2016

isnt it funny

isnt it funny how you have something in your head but it
just doesnt come out that way?
I LOVE blue but this is not speaking to me

and I thought green but too bright
I think I need an olive green to make this work

I am not a brown kinda gal but I LIKE this one.
warm and cozy and old fashioned it says to me

love this print and colors
but think I need a breathing space between

again blue.......not speaking to me
maybe I have a new favorite color and I dont know it?

now this one is warming up on me
like the feel it gives

like this one even better

have you ever made a quilt that 
was SO different from what you had envisioned?
funny how creating can do that

2 comments: said...

Oooo I like the thin red border the the floral!

barbara woods said...

it will look great!