Thursday, October 27, 2016

old UFO

see the handsewing?  yeah this is from 2000
and I was teaching a gal from Haiti
to make a quilt
she didnt have a machine
so we had to hand sew

(thats where this pincushion went!) 

anywho I was sewing them up and then
trimming to a 5 inch block I think

I had a plan LOL
even for a border idea
which meant sewing MORE of these

paper templates
so I think that what I have here
will be IT
and maybe borders to bring
it to a lap size
would make a cute medallion type
round robin
we will see.......


Julierose said...

Golly--I remember paper templates. and using scissors and not rotary cutters, too! Actually, it was a lo of fun...hugs, Julierose said...

You have such pretty stitches and you seam allowance looks great.