Wednesday, October 5, 2016

sewing room to do list

gotta cut the binding on bias and get this done

gotta sew body to back, stuff legs and sew head on
then off to buy a bed pillow for the body

gotta layer back and batt so I can keep at the ready to tie while sitting
with hubs at night
I am thinking of tying this one to keep the 
old fashioned flavor to it
have not decided whether to border or not yet
but it will be a nice warm lap quilt
for those upcoming cold months
Dunkin as you can see is ready to snuggle

gotta find that *&%$ book with hockey Santa
I KNOW it is somewhere in this sewing room
and I will find it if it kills me......
and it just might LOL

and this guy is waiting back and quilting
to be ready for my table
just a " few things" to do right?


Julierose said...

All really cute projects to work on..hope you find that hockey Santa...where would you go if you were a Hockey Santa, hmmmm lol hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

it will be the last place you look!