Sunday, October 16, 2016

so much to do

whats that saying? about how to eat an elephant?
one bite at a time

yeah  that is what I feel like
Like I am eating an elephant
and am stuffed.......
this above deer panel I dont remember buying
but it is nice because it is 3 deer
and my Dad had 3 sons (and 2 daughters)

but I also have a BEAR panel too
not sure what to do
they are both so pretty
dont think I will cut them up like these

because I have THREE of these to do
hoping one for each brother
maybe the bear for Dad
we will see how that goes for some lap quilts
for their hunting cabin in Maine
the one above needs the black horizontal strips then I 
think just borders and quilt it up.
I will do straight line quilting as it is easier for me right now
I love this one and how it came out
my brothers will be so surprised when they get them
so I better get "eating that elephant"

also have to caulk these windows that our
contractor from hell didnt caulk
such a jerk
and winter is a coming fast.


barbara woods said...

he was a bad one! Tommy bought him a pressure washer and cleaned some of our last thurdasy said...

You can at least blame someone when it is bad it is all on us. You will get it done a little at a time.