Monday, October 3, 2016

sun sewing


see this Halloween pumpkin?
I got it  at Tar jay Target
it is filled with candy
over 100 pcs  and was like 19 bucks
so when I get back to work
my truck drivers will love me
a little pick me up while driving around dirt

yeah Sunday I was in a funk
I got up "late"  at 4
I know   I know   it is a crazy hour to get up
but I get a lot more done and it is Me time

I got up and then had to wake the neighbor
as she was going on a bus trip and
didnt trust her alarm
so all was well and she was up.

then I proceeded to sew in my room
why not?
hubs is sleeping
it is the other end of the house
and I can

so what to sew?  hmmmm
not like I have any projects to finish right? hee hee
I made a couple more Halloween mugrugs
just for fun and to then clean up and put away
those colors

then I found some green dresdan blades cut
sitting there all by themselves
so I pulled my red and green pieces
to see what I could come up with
for a small runner maybe for a gift
and this is what I did

yep now they are out of the stash and ready to find
a border and backing
I think I have more of the red white stripe
for binding
so that will be an easy get er done kind of project to 
have outta the way
maybe nice for sis in law
or daughter inlaw
or niece
or even the boss

we will see where it leads me

I AM getting Christmas things done.
just not in the order I had planned

when we shopped I got the 4 nieces done
the younger niece I will have to think about
but the others are done
the bear for great nephew is almost done
some other little gifties are done
cat mats  (shhh dont tell Dunks) are done
so things are shaping up in that department

now to keep up the momentum 


barbara woods said...

great , you will be through by the end of Oct. said...

Good job you are going to have everything made, and wrapped by Halloween?