Thursday, October 6, 2016

tumbling again

decided to cut up some small pieces and clear them outta 
my stash
for this quilt
I have not sewn on it a while now
but have tons of strips to put together
to see just how big it is so far
it is easy to sew 2x2  then 4x4 8x8  16x16 etc and in no time
a row of  32 tumblers is made

they are all crammed into a small container
waiting to play this winter

a dollar store trip is needed
to make some of these also
fun to send them around and see where they land

gotta keep this guy close
for my table this year
made last year by my friend Jackie
love it!!!!

and gotta cut this in half
and put the gold and red borders on
and make two more runners

I am thinking some runners and coordinating napkins will be
pretty and make a nice gift
and add in some of those microwave bowls
and a set of potholders and WOW
you have the makings of a fabulous basket for someone

what are YOU making?

1 comment:

barbara woods said...

got to start work on my daughter in law and sons king sized tumble quilt for Christmas soon