Sunday, October 23, 2016

where are you my little pretty?

why is it when you are looking for something you find EVERYTHING BUT
I found some of this dark blue cut into a couple of those
not sure why I had cut them- just in case I wanted to make a scrappy
one I guess

then I found TWO blocks similar to  this
of pink and purple
I think at one point I was going to make a pink and 
purple quilt
why? I dont know  just because I can? lol

this is made of 3.5 inch squares
I think I have a bucket full of them somewhere
I had pulled "soft or low volume"  fabrics
and sewed them into rows 

I think after the holidays I may look at some of these UFOs and 
see if I can make them into a "round robin" type finish
a row robin or something.........they need to be finished

anywho, what I was looking for I have not found yet
so I will keep on looking..........


Julierose said...

We have a saying in our house for lost items--"Brucer took it" when my son was little he had an imaginary friend "Brucer"--I'll be he doesn't remember whatever we can't find we figure Brucer has it lol hugs, good luck (maybe Brucer visited you?) Julierose said...

I never lose anything.....she says rolling her eyes. I have been looking for my 1 inch hexie template for a week now. :(

barbara woods said...

we are all the same , always misplacing something or other