Wednesday, November 30, 2016

these are cute too

oh the internet
with all its temptations

I can see a woodland
tree full of these



Tuesday, November 29, 2016

lets book it

I am making more of these washcloths.
they are a mindless little knitting project 
and with a nice bar of fancy soap
make a cute last minute gift

found the pattern called
Grandmothers dishcloth 

and also getting back to this Jenny Doan
of Missouri Star pattern
I will get plenty of practice for sure as I have THREE of 
these to make

linking up with Sharon
at Lets Book it November

so many little time

what are YOU making?
are YOU using books and patterns you have
accumulated over the years?

sometimes we tend to hoard them
and not use them........
but I want to make them all

doe a deer a female deer

I may need to make a few of these
for my brothers in ME
what do you think?

he is so funny. he was in ME for Thanksgiving
and texted me that he had
a real wreath for me

he wanted to trade it for some
blackberry apple jam

I felt bad
I didnt have any
I only have caramel apple jam
or blackberry

poor guy
he wanted to treat his neighbors up there
to some

Monday, November 28, 2016

twas weeks before Christmas..........

twas weeks before Christmas and all through the house
not a creature was stirring..........

not even a mouse

I worked with some coffee
and goodies to stay alert
(not really this was a gift silly.... just play along)

because I needed to see how much 
I had done
(I know... I'm a jerk)

when up on the roof I thought I heard a clatter
(whats a clatter anyways)

I sprang up from bed to see what was the matter

it seems that the plumber didnt call and couldnt get in
who these companies hire sometimes is a sin

I let the turkey in so he wouldnt wake my friends

and sat down and got cozy 

and weaved in my knitted ends

I looked at the gifts I still needed to do
and called out to Dunkin

but he was sleeping too

so I guess I had better
get going and persevere

because as you all know
Christmas soon will be here!

just a little diversion for ya while
you and I work on some secret gift projects


Sunday, November 27, 2016

new quilting buddy

my niece made 3 lap quilts
we finished one the green and aqua one
for her friend
we are working on the binding on the one in front with navy and aqua 
for her sister
the one in center needs back and batting

not too bad for a beginner
and we had to go to joannes for some more
backing and thread to tie them
came out so nice

see how cute?

and this guy was into everything. including her sewing
box. under the batting

Saturday, November 26, 2016

what a difference a day makes

last minute I had the day off today.
no I didnt do the black Friday thing
instead I listened to Clint Black on our
radio was Clint Black Friday!

and this is the scene in the morning
Dunkin has to be ON my computer keyboard
because he never gets any attention you know LOL

so I went off and finished some projects like the bear tv pillow
I turned around to go grab a runner to put binding on,
and this was the scene
He was having a grand old time napping and chilling
on the tv pillow
hope the recipient likes it as much! ha ha

got some more of the stockings stuffed 
these are ready to go

wrapped a ton of gifts
and color coordinated the nieces and their boyfriends
so they will be easier to gather up later 

was going to look for a basket but this bowl will work 
just fine
it has a snowman on it
so now just gotta find some more things
to put in there

and need batteries
and shipping of these

I got a lot accomplished on my day off!
finished the two kite centerpieces, finished binding on the two red runners
and did all this wrapping and figuring out where I stand

I just have one boyfriend to do
some handwarmers to get
a pillow to get and then can mail some packages off

two older grandsons to do
and finish up for the 2 year old
and then just the deer quilts

so I guess I can get busy..........
not too too bad.....

because I couldnt resist

this is such a cute idea 
for the elf
doing the Voice


Love the two chairs turned around hee hee

I think sometimes the parents
have more fun with these 
elfs than the kiddos

I know I would!

Friday, November 25, 2016

getting there almost ready

this little gal is eyeballing the cat treats
you would THINK with two cats
there would be NO MICE lol

these two are fuller than I anticipated
so on to their smaller brothers and parents
matching stocking
yeah my hockey family.........
found some cute hockey ornaments to put in there
and got them wallets 
will put money and a gift card in there also
kids like to spend their own money 
so these two will be done
the baby I will get those puffs to put in his stocking
and maybe some M&Ms.
found him some animal crackers shaped like Mickey
his favorite!

as I work on the holidays I get into the spirit
with some holiday smells
I love my candles going
making it smell like Christmas in here

another favorite candle this time
of year

and some nuts to crack
I need the walnuts to crack perfectly
for another little gift idea
we will see if I can do it

and some ribbons need to be spiffed up
and new bows made
to wrap all of these gifts

it's the most.......wonderful time.........
of the year

he's baaaaack

this is too too funny

my niece has the elf
you know the one

elf on a shelf
for her son  my great nephew

well, the elf is now back from 
the North Pole
(I think his name is Buddy)

anyway, THIS TIME he brought
a deer and a St Bernard
that you have to watch and take 
care of
for your elf

My brother has a deer hanging in his house
(yeah I know)

so I was thinking of sending them this pic
to put the elf up there

hope even though this time of year
that you enjoy a little time
for FUN too!

Happy Black Friday
and elf day if YOUR elf s back 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

quick run jump hop

just wanted to remind all my quilting friends



over to Connecting Threads

they are having a big huge sale

I got some thread

some fabric

a fons and Porter design wall


pardon me.....

see this turkey and her baby?
I pardoned them both

yes because
some other turkey
that worked for Jennie O
gave his/her life
for our Thanksgiving

Hoping your Thanksgiving is
filled with family
and love

I am thankful for my health
for my friends and family
and  for my blogging
friends who have inspired me
and lifted me when I was down

thank you for being you!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

oh my lots going on

this is what my bathroom shower looks like
um yeah
this past Spring the handle broke in half
so we called the plumber and he put on a handle

the new handle stripped the whatcha macallit
shown here and it ALL has to be replaced
can you say caching? 
yeah, NOT a happy camper here
SO MUCH has been replaced in this house
the only good thing is 
so hopefully that means no fixing in my older age

good thing I have TWO BATHROOMS
can you imagine? when I called the plumber
and they came out to look at it
he goes well you COULD use pliers to turn the water
on and off
REALLY DUDE???? my husband is diabled
and I am up to my eyeballs in things and
getting a little senile myself and you want me to 
use pliers????
oh..........I could really slap some people
but I wont get my dander up

and THEN when hubs was cooking the other night
(he makes a killer meatball sub)
the house got hot so he opened the back door
to let in a little cooler air
forgetting that Miss Phoebe was in the bedroom
right next to the door
well, next thing I heard was a frantic
husband calling to me to get a flashlight
(oh yeah, it was already DARK out and she has NO WHITE 
on her at ALL)
and outside I run to see where she could be
we have fisher cats
and feral cats outside
that all would want to know she was there
my neighbor was a sweetie and gathered
up her cat from outside so as to avoid a fight
and helped me look
I finally found her and carried her home
crying and scolding her the whole way
she was almost in the back woods
and I would NEVER have found her

so how to destress?
to sew of course
did I sew on my projects THAT NEED TO GET DONE?????
um nope

I cut out some kite shapes
and sewed up two of these cuties
in all fairness I already was playing in the 
Christmas fabric so at least the pieces didnt
go back into the stash right?
(thats my story and I'm stickin to it)

these will mull a little in my room
and we will see where
they go later on

needless to say
LOTS going on around here!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

do you know what this is for?

Do you know what this is for?
I dont mean to clean the floors

nope I mean for a fun off the cuff
gift that is for those who 
appreciate humor

have you heard of dustpan cookies?
well this is how you do them.

you put this poem on a clean new dustpan of cookies
with a few broken on top for good measure
they can be homemade or bought
and there is nothing wrong with them
the poem is just funny stating
they fell on the floor yada yada

well MY nutty family is known to do funny stuff like that
why not? life is already too serious right?
and who needs more "stuff"?
so I have a recipient in mind for these
dont tell ok?

one year my Dad used a HUGE box (we had wanted a microwave
when they were expensive and couldnt afford one- my Mom
kept hinting she would buy it for us)
so when they came over Christmas with a HUGE box
that was kinda heavy (weighted down inside with butternut squash) we thought it was
the microwave

my hubs smoked at the time so they had
empty cig carton in there taped
and one orange for each of us labeled 
with our names on the peel in magic marker
and some cans of soup and things
it was so so funny and we still talk about it
that was in 1984 ish!
so see?  sometimes those are the best gifts
the gift of laughter

and I HAD to have these cute Christmas stockings
it is a set of 2 pr so my niece can use one set too
I am thinking of having a Christmas sock get together
you invite a few friends and tell them
they have to buy a pair of Christmas socks
put one inside the other and fill it like a 
Christmas stocking
then as they arrive you put them all out on the table in a row
labeled with numbers  1,2 etc to how many you have
lets say 10 came they would be labeled 1-10
THEN the guests all pick a number from a hat
not their own stocking number
and those are the socks they get!  some people have everyone
put on their new socks and take a photo too
just a little fun
not too expensive
and a great way to get together for an hour or two
with some fun and food and goodies
now to just find a date and time
and see who wants to come.........

Monday, November 21, 2016

been a busy November so far....

someone is a little impatient for the 
upcoming holidays
is it the turkey? or the football he is wanting?

some of the halls have been decked with holly
ok so this is not a hall
and those greens are fake and not holly
but they are getting decked out anyway

some credit card shopping has been done

more retail things mixed with handmade things

mug rugs are made.........

this runner was gifted.........

these runners await packaging
and shipping

this guy was found and I think I know the recipient
she loves blue like me

these have been made for some hunters

the maintenance guy will have some
nice winter snacks

someone may have been bad........just sayin

even the dogs get presents

more starts have been made
just in case..........
I will finish them once I check out the box of
goodies to see if I need them for this year

stocking stuffers gathered up
and inventoried

I guess I have done a lot so far.........
there is a light at the end of the tunnel

as the song goes,,,,,,,,,,,
and I Lord I hope it ain't a train! LOL