Friday, November 4, 2016

about says it all for me LOL

this sign is SO ME 
I may need to make one for the sewing room 
hee hee

anyway I think I have my mojo back
Monday I got up, made muffins, wrote out bills
ironed clothes and went to work

Tues I cut out borders of two quilts

Wed I sewed these up into little extra gifties

a little progress every day right?

this one I did uh lines
yeah thats it.......ORGANIC  lol
I like it and the colors are
Christmas without saying Christmas

and this one I played a little more
some crooked crooked wavy lines
an X
some diamond grid
and even meander
just because
I like it!

isnt this fabric so neat for the back?
I will find a red or gold to bind these two up
love little quick projects
they motivate me to do another project and get er done!

2 comments: said...

Great jobs getting things accomplished. My mojo left the building.

barbara woods said...

Love fabric , then I see all I have. And doint buy