Monday, November 21, 2016

always on the lookout

at this time of year I am always on the lookout
for things

you know, so and so would LOVE that kinda things

well my Dad is a HUGE Mary Jane fan
I didnt think they even MADE them anymore
but low and behold.........
I GOT TWO boxes of these for him
I was excited
he also likes those peanuts with the
sugar hard coating on them
those are hard to find too
I think they used to call them burnt peanuts?

and stocking stuffers are always welcome here
how cute is this little guy?
I LOVE butterfingers.........
(you hear that Dunks? )

have YOU found any great thing that will be just
PERFECT for someone?

2 comments: said...

My ex MIL used to make those burnt peanuts. The coating wasn't as thick but they were yummy.

barbara woods said...

Working hard!