Monday, November 21, 2016

been a busy November so far....

someone is a little impatient for the 
upcoming holidays
is it the turkey? or the football he is wanting?

some of the halls have been decked with holly
ok so this is not a hall
and those greens are fake and not holly
but they are getting decked out anyway

some credit card shopping has been done

more retail things mixed with handmade things

mug rugs are made.........

this runner was gifted.........

these runners await packaging
and shipping

this guy was found and I think I know the recipient
she loves blue like me

these have been made for some hunters

the maintenance guy will have some
nice winter snacks

someone may have been bad........just sayin

even the dogs get presents

more starts have been made
just in case..........
I will finish them once I check out the box of
goodies to see if I need them for this year

stocking stuffers gathered up
and inventoried

I guess I have done a lot so far.........
there is a light at the end of the tunnel

as the song goes,,,,,,,,,,,
and I Lord I hope it ain't a train! LOL

1 comment: said...

Good job. I did some Christmas shopping yesterday. Halfway done!