Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Benjamins fund

my sister in law called me with a plea
she has a friend who lost a baby a little after
and started a non profit organization 
called Benjamins Fund
they give support in the form of 
blankets and hats to the nicu units
and money to support
parents with huge medical bills 
to keep their baby healthy
she wanted to know if I had

any "little quilts" hanging around
so I went into my box of made things
and found these two 24 inch 
table toppers
along with 2 more
and passed them along to her.

hopefully they will help comfort a little one
fighting for life
this is the time of year
I normally do my
pay it forward
so this will be part of it for this year

and lookie!  I cheated and didnt make them
it will be enough to fill them anyway
but I am so excited.
I hope the recipients are too!

Do you have any good charities that you 
participate in?
I am so thankful for my health 
and my family that I like to help others
out when I can

God gave me some gifts
the least I can do is show my appreciation
and give back to those less fortunate

2 comments: said...

Awe great way to give! Sweet stockings, that is a big tick off your list!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I donate quilts to a pregnancy support center and to the NICU, who are taking such great care of my new grand daughter. =)