Tuesday, November 22, 2016

do you know what this is for?

Do you know what this is for?
I dont mean to clean the floors

nope I mean for a fun off the cuff
gift that is for those who 
appreciate humor

have you heard of dustpan cookies?
well this is how you do them.

you put this poem on a clean new dustpan of cookies
with a few broken on top for good measure
they can be homemade or bought
and there is nothing wrong with them
the poem is just funny stating
they fell on the floor yada yada

well MY nutty family is known to do funny stuff like that
why not? life is already too serious right?
and who needs more "stuff"?
so I have a recipient in mind for these
dont tell ok?

one year my Dad used a HUGE box (we had wanted a microwave
when they were expensive and couldnt afford one- my Mom
kept hinting she would buy it for us)
so when they came over Christmas with a HUGE box
that was kinda heavy (weighted down inside with butternut squash) we thought it was
the microwave

my hubs smoked at the time so they had
empty cig carton in there taped
and one orange for each of us labeled 
with our names on the peel in magic marker
and some cans of soup and things
it was so so funny and we still talk about it
that was in 1984 ish!
so see?  sometimes those are the best gifts
the gift of laughter

and I HAD to have these cute Christmas stockings
it is a set of 2 pr so my niece can use one set too
I am thinking of having a Christmas sock get together
you invite a few friends and tell them
they have to buy a pair of Christmas socks
put one inside the other and fill it like a 
Christmas stocking
then as they arrive you put them all out on the table in a row
labeled with numbers  1,2 etc to how many you have
lets say 10 came they would be labeled 1-10
THEN the guests all pick a number from a hat
not their own stocking number
and those are the socks they get!  some people have everyone
put on their new socks and take a photo too
just a little fun
not too expensive
and a great way to get together for an hour or two
with some fun and food and goodies
now to just find a date and time
and see who wants to come.........


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Sounds like a fun idea with the sock exchange.

Carol S. said...

The sock exchange sounds like a fun party and that dust pan is so cute! Great gift ideas!

Vicki H said...

You have such a fun family.