Tuesday, November 8, 2016

ever play with fabrics that are "not you"

have you ever played with fabrics that are not you
I mean if you look at my stash
there are no huge prints
no brights
no bolds
I am a plain jane blues kinda gal
and sometimes when I am trying
to plan a project it holds me back
I get it now. it is same old same old

well, that is where blogging friends come in
everyone has different tastes and
it is funny when you see what they created
you love it- but it is something you may not have chosen
see these huge flowers?
something I would never have chosen
dont get me wrong. they are pretty
and pretty colors
but bold for my liking

but take them and play for a day
and this special project may not make it to its 

yeah sneak peaks is all I can do

Jackie, you lookin??????

here's to playing in the stash
and creating

isnt that what quilting is all about?
later will show more of this
but for now, gotta keep ya guessing

she is all quilted up and ready for some binding

sing with me will ya?
"another one bites the dust......."


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

It is fun to quilt things outside of your comfort range sometimes.

barbara woods said...

our q-bees teacher said for us to practice on something we couldn't stand so i have picked a really loud fabric for that, also out of my comfort zone