Friday, November 25, 2016

getting there almost ready

this little gal is eyeballing the cat treats
you would THINK with two cats
there would be NO MICE lol

these two are fuller than I anticipated
so on to their smaller brothers and parents
matching stocking
yeah my hockey family.........
found some cute hockey ornaments to put in there
and got them wallets 
will put money and a gift card in there also
kids like to spend their own money 
so these two will be done
the baby I will get those puffs to put in his stocking
and maybe some M&Ms.
found him some animal crackers shaped like Mickey
his favorite!

as I work on the holidays I get into the spirit
with some holiday smells
I love my candles going
making it smell like Christmas in here

another favorite candle this time
of year

and some nuts to crack
I need the walnuts to crack perfectly
for another little gift idea
we will see if I can do it

and some ribbons need to be spiffed up
and new bows made
to wrap all of these gifts

it's the most.......wonderful time.........
of the year

2 comments: said...

Wow you have so much done.

barbara woods said...

We need nuts to just hard to get into the spirit