Friday, November 4, 2016

giving time of year

this post has no pictures.

it is meant to be informative and make you sit back and reflect on things..........

this is the time of year we are thankful

and my way to show my gratitude for the good things in my life is to give back or pay it forward to
those less fortunate

my sis in law was telling me about a friend of hers who a few years ago lost a newborn baby to an illness and never got to take him home from the hospital

they made something positive about an awful situation and formed a non profit corp named Benjamin's Fund  and they take baby blankets and donate them to hospitals for families of very ill newborns who may never go home. they also take funds and help parents defray the heavy cost of hospital procedures for those angels

I am going to look in my sewing room for small quilted pieces (some newborns weigh under 3 lbs and are tiny) and see if there is anything I can donate to this cause.

I may sew up some squares that are not going anywhere and give someone a healing quilt to take home if their baby doesn't make it. it s a little comforting to know that there is something anyone can do .......

so please.... in this month of November, give thanks for all you have
good health, good family and friends, and give back and pay it forward.

what a nice world this would be if we all stepped in others shoes and helped out where we could.

remember it doesn't take much.......
I certainly am not a rich woman. I live in a mobile because its more affordable. I still work but hubs is on a fixed income. I have what I need and I am lucky to have my health and loved ones. I will do my best to always think of those less fortunate and to do what I can. a comforting quilt, a smile and a hug, a little money if that is what is needed.

will you pay it forward?

2 comments: said...

That is a great charity. Our guild on top of making gurney quilts, but we also take prom/wedding dresses and make dresses for newborns that do not make it. It is surprising that in this day and age we have such a high mortality rate.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

My new grand baby is a three pound preemie. Millie, than You, God, is doing very well. I already took 6 quilts to the NICU for the families and have plans to make many more. =) Getting something pretty to brighten up the rooms really help bring comfort to the families and the Drs and nurses who work there.