Friday, November 25, 2016

he's baaaaack

this is too too funny

my niece has the elf
you know the one

elf on a shelf
for her son  my great nephew

well, the elf is now back from 
the North Pole
(I think his name is Buddy)

anyway, THIS TIME he brought
a deer and a St Bernard
that you have to watch and take 
care of
for your elf

My brother has a deer hanging in his house
(yeah I know)

so I was thinking of sending them this pic
to put the elf up there

hope even though this time of year
that you enjoy a little time
for FUN too!

Happy Black Friday
and elf day if YOUR elf s back 

2 comments: said...

Very cool idea. I love seeing where these little guys end up daily.

Needled Mom said...

He's baaack! Too cute.