Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I need another Christmas box

remember these?
yeah well they are now FINISHED 

and in this pile of gifts
there are 3 table runners, a table centerpiece, 5 mug rugs
a dishcloth and a hunters pillowcase (which I have a twin to also)

see ?  I tried making "sets" with the mug rugs
just because........

and I thought they came out pretty cute
little did I know last year when I sewed all those 
red and green strips
that I would get FOUR
Yes the two red ones are not finished yet
FOUR runners out of that sewing

Love it!

and this was when I was on a "kite" template kick
I STILL love these too
and I think one of the nieces may be 
receiving this one
I need to ask her sister as I 
remember making one similar
and cant remember if she got it
or my sis in law got in her 12 months one

and this was a play with some gifted dresdan plates
I think there are more somewhere to play with
after the holidays
maybe I will add to them and cut out scraps
and make a Christmas dresdan quilt for next year

and I have some "hunter" pillowcases
for the guys here who hunt
I made matching sets of two
of each of the deer fabric
and camo etc.
my Christmas box is overflowing! I am a happy girl

BUT NOW on to the DEER quilts

2 comments: said...

Woohoo you are going to be ready in the blink of an eye.

barbara woods said...

wish I had as much done as you, not moving fast today