Monday, November 14, 2016

its beginning to look a lot like Christmas........

the gifts are piling up......
reds and greens.......
all pretty and ready to wrap

I bought some Christmas socks
just in case I want to have a sock party
you take Christmas socks and fill them
and then exchange them at the party
everyone goes home with a pair of socks
filled with goodies- how fun!

the more I do binding, I am hoping the better I get
practice makes perfect right?
this one is single fold 

and here is a finished mugrug 
to match the runner with
a couple of the same fabrics

and the back looks so quilty
even though I was playing LOL

and I have some fancy mint hot chocolate
to tuck into some cups
with mug rugs
and maybe a candy cane stirrer
(in case you need to know, mint is my favorite
followed by raspberry and then caramel)  lol

and this is the overflowing Christmas box
some of these are packaged in the way
I bought them
but it will all come together soon.
 I feel like one of Santa's elves!
 linking up with Beth at love laugh quilt

what are you making this week?


barbara woods said...

Its crunch time!

Bonnie said...

Love the sock party idea! Yea for getting a good headstart on Christmas

Kate said...

The sock party idea is a fun one. Looks like you've made great headway on your Christmas gifts.

Miaismine said...

I saw this at Love, Laugh, Quilt and just had to comment! You must really love Christmas! I love your sock party idea as well as your Christmas gifts! They look fun! Thank you for sharing!