Thursday, November 10, 2016

little steps

this is what my sewing room used to look like
stacks and stacks and no rhyme or reason

so I took one weekend and stacked my fabrics
by color to see what I had
and how much I had

I decided I am definitely a cool color gal LOL
see the reds?  not so many
or yellow
orange anywhere? nope

then the dollar store lured me
with these containers that fit
perfectly in my bookshelf

not perfect but I love the difference it makes
I pull out a bin with the color I am looking for
and voila~  I usually can FIND it
isnt that half the battle???? LOL
every day I will make it a little better.
I may even enhance that red-yellow-orange stash!

1 comment: said...

I have the ginormous stack that needs to be put away on my ironing board right now. I am going to have to clean it up so I can sew now.