Friday, November 18, 2016

more Christmas fun

I started to collect some 
fun things to make a basket
for our park maintenance man

he works so hard
and is always so nice
so I like to do something for him

this was last years basket

I am thinking some scratch tickets and a
pretty Christmas card
should round it off
pretty nicely

while I ponder these decisions
I like to make an easy dinner
and the smell in the house is heavenly
( on the weekend of course because I am working)

here is a Phoebe pic
because she gets no publicity
and she is just as cute as Dunks

my  other cutie petutie

boy when you take pics and review them , you see things dont ya?
I can see I need new pillows for the sofa LOL

this was one years arrangement from work
and gingerbread house that
the grands made
fun memories

and I keep reminding my niece
that my brother (her Godfather)
would LOVE a wreath like this
for his hunter cabin door

she is thinking about it

yeah this was the HUGE pieced strips
that became FOUR runners
I KNEW I had a pic somewhere of it 

I just love this sweet angel
made of macaroni pieces

and my wooden tree
will come in to be used
on the tree table runner
they were made for each other
without knowing it

the tree I bought at a craft sale
by an older gent in his 90s 
whose daughter says 
he makes these things
"to keep out of trouble"
and make a little money
I think he was asking like 3 dollars 
and I gave him 5
STILL a bargain!
and of course
made the tree runner for me
(ok so she was at the craft fair too
and was selling runners
and I hid it under the pile
and it wasnt sold
so offered to buy it.....
ok, ok..... so I beat her up and wrestled with
her hubs and ran like heck! so what!
and now it is MINE LOL)

this one will be coming over on Thanksgiving
for a little turkey and sewing therapy
so we should have fun
I AM SO EXCITED! can you tell?????

I still want to make time to try and make one
of these for my boss
she is  a motorcycle gal
and rides to work on it in the summertime

brother needs to send me more of these to play with too.

and with all this "elfing" and getting things
made I need to make this mug for me
because some days this is how I feel


isnt he getting big? this was last year and  he will
be the recipient of the bear floor pillow
so so cute........

Dunkin wants to know
what projects are YOU making?
or cant you show them????

3 comments: said...

I have my gifts brewing...can't show yet.

barbara woods said...

A ii am showing two but the rest is secret. Already told my two what I am making them

barbara woods said...

A ii am showing two but the rest is secret. Already told my two what I am making them