Sunday, November 20, 2016

more holiday prepping.....

my friend Jackie
you remember Jackie right? we went rhubarb picking?
anywho, last year I did a poem about the 
12 days of Christmas to try and cheer her up
she was going through some tough times

well the folks over at Vistaprint- they are like family to me
I use them all the time to make some great things
those vista folks sent me an email with some too good to 
pass up deals
so Jackie and I DESIGNED our own Christmas card
around the 12 days of Christmas
yeah, that is a sneak peak up top
cant show it all to you as YOU may receive one
lets just say she and I are pretty darned proud!
hee hee
and they are beautiful

I found this cute bowl in case I cant
find a basket I like
it will work just fine
I mean who doesn't love Frosty?

and I got some of these too
will put them in the pantry for my Christmas cookies later on
with coupons and sales I think I paid like 4 dollars for both
how could I leave them there? they are usually almost 4 dollars a bag!
I can see some cute red and green M&M cookies
or those pretzel and rolo treats with red and green M&M on top

getting lots of things in place for the holiday season.
because NEXT week is Thanksgiving
and you KNOW what happens next

and I have SO much more to do!

1 comment: said...

Oh how cool that you designed your own Christmas cards. I found something and thought of you.