Friday, November 11, 2016

more progress

finished up my "secret project" and will take
pics to show you later
but for now..........
I went and ironed this little guy

the borders were already on from the other day

so I found a green for backing
and some batting
and started to quilt it
can you see how far I got?
can you say I DISLIKE the QUILTING DEVILS????

so since I had a little more time to spare.......

I looked for a binding fabric
this one has sparkles
not sure if you can see it

maybe this is better?
just a little sparkle for this Christmas runner
and the back can always 
be used for St Pats Day!

a two for one! LOL

hopefully I can wind some bobbins tomorrow
and be ready for some more marathon sewing sessions.......

just sayin.........
niece wants to go shopping this weekend
we will see.......I may need some retail therapy

squeezing in as much sewing time as I possibly can
to get things done. 
the list is getting smaller which is a good thing......

4 comments: said...

LOL I hate it when I run out of bobbin thread!

sunny said...

Pretty fabrics! Yep, hate running out of bobbin thread. My machine warns me, but sometimes I ignore it.

Carol S. said...

My machine is suppose to tell me when it runs out of bobbin thread, but I think it is broken. I hate when I run out of bobbin thread and don't notice right away! Love the fabrics in that quilt!

barbara woods said...

Love the sparkle! I hate for bobbins to run out to!