Wednesday, November 9, 2016

October was busy

October was a busy month
got a few things moved further along
not too many finishes
at least any I can show you
I played with gorgeous fabrics
and made some secret projects......

I organized the stash and played with borders
and made some decisions

I had niece time and carved pumpkins
hey its October remember?

I rounded up my list and started sewing

and getting things a little further along.........
then realized I am NOT superwoman

and resorted to a little retail help
for holiday gifting

played with scraps when I had just a couple minutes
to play
and got some nice beginnings 
of neighbor gifts with mug rugs
will match up with some mugs and tasty treats
or hot chocolate

put border on Dad's quilt and searched for backing
to start quilting this

and cleaned more and got distracted  

oh well.....

I DID make a little headway on some projects.
we will see how November goes.......

1 comment: said...

Wow you got a lot accomplished.