Wednesday, November 23, 2016

oh my lots going on

this is what my bathroom shower looks like
um yeah
this past Spring the handle broke in half
so we called the plumber and he put on a handle

the new handle stripped the whatcha macallit
shown here and it ALL has to be replaced
can you say caching? 
yeah, NOT a happy camper here
SO MUCH has been replaced in this house
the only good thing is 
so hopefully that means no fixing in my older age

good thing I have TWO BATHROOMS
can you imagine? when I called the plumber
and they came out to look at it
he goes well you COULD use pliers to turn the water
on and off
REALLY DUDE???? my husband is diabled
and I am up to my eyeballs in things and
getting a little senile myself and you want me to 
use pliers????
oh..........I could really slap some people
but I wont get my dander up

and THEN when hubs was cooking the other night
(he makes a killer meatball sub)
the house got hot so he opened the back door
to let in a little cooler air
forgetting that Miss Phoebe was in the bedroom
right next to the door
well, next thing I heard was a frantic
husband calling to me to get a flashlight
(oh yeah, it was already DARK out and she has NO WHITE 
on her at ALL)
and outside I run to see where she could be
we have fisher cats
and feral cats outside
that all would want to know she was there
my neighbor was a sweetie and gathered
up her cat from outside so as to avoid a fight
and helped me look
I finally found her and carried her home
crying and scolding her the whole way
she was almost in the back woods
and I would NEVER have found her

so how to destress?
to sew of course
did I sew on my projects THAT NEED TO GET DONE?????
um nope

I cut out some kite shapes
and sewed up two of these cuties
in all fairness I already was playing in the 
Christmas fabric so at least the pieces didnt
go back into the stash right?
(thats my story and I'm stickin to it)

these will mull a little in my room
and we will see where
they go later on

needless to say
LOTS going on around here!

4 comments: said...

Awe don't start that again. Don't feel bad, my dishwasher died yesterday. Phoebe the stinker, glad you found her. Like your kites. I was thinking of making kites today too, between some cooking.

barbara woods said...

Glad you found her! We loive our pets

barbara woods said...

Glad you found her! We loive our pets

Needled Mom said...

Oh yes...lots going on there! Ugh!