Thursday, November 17, 2016

remember when........

Can you tell I am a country gal? my songs are 
usually "country" just like me
remember Alan Jackson song LOL

anywho, remember when Julie Rose
sent me a package in the mail?
yeah the one I didnt photograph very well?
lots of Kaffe Fassett prints

she even sent some fabric for Dunks and Pheebes!
how cool is that?
anyway, she had some of the fabrics CUT into
DRESDAN blades
I KNOW!  ready for ME TO PLAY!

I wish we lived closer because WE WOULD
stop at the cookie place

I spread out some of these pretty fabrics
and you know what happens next.......
you cant cut out template pieces, gift them to me
and NOT expect me to play    

I drop all other projects and PLAY
and I teased you all with this pic of a 
"secret project"

I pieced it, Jackie quilted it some and  I  quilted it some
and put a binding on it.
We both fondled it and ooooed and aaaahhhhd
and said prayers for the recipient to 
feel better soon and feel our quilty "hug"

Well Julie!  Here is Jackie's and my gift to you
for gifting us with such gorgeous fabric fun!
( I have to admit I wanted to keep this
for myself)
but Jackie pulled it away from me
and said NO WAY JOSE
to say thanks for her generosity

(no runners were harmed in the tug of war  hee hee)

see?  it is SO SO cool!  I used that floral 
for the back
and now it is reversible
I was going to put a label but
my wiser friend Jackie said NO
leave it reversible so she 
can use both sides
(see what I mean? she is SO SMART)

anyway, it looks so so pretty

no matter which side you use

or what color flowers you put on it
for your generosity
We know you are going thru
some things with your eyes 
and with hubs
and wanted to let you 
know we are thinking of you
with a quilty runner "hug"

from Dawn and Jackie

3 comments: said...

Awe that is a great gift. Love it and So will Julierose.

Julierose said...

I just LOVE it--thank you both so much for the gorgeous tabler unner...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

Just the pick me up she needs