Tuesday, November 8, 2016

so much to do so little time

I really need to get these cushions stored and the furniture
covered with tarps for the winter
my screenroom is screen and the snow comes in 
so anything out there will be to the weather

plants need to be cleared out
and mulched in back
and pots cleaned and put away

hoses disconnected and water shut off under mobile
and note to self to hire plumber next spring
to make it so I dont have to crawl under there
this ole lady aint what she used to be! lol

before this stuff falls from the sky
yeah we are supposed to get hit
hard again this winter
just for fun
so need to get ready

and this shed needs to be priority on next years list
of what to fix around here
hoping this one lasts the winter with no issues

see that door? yeah even when locked the sides open up
dont want any critters making a winter home out of it
so have to figure a way to
make it tight and safe

whats on your TO DO list?
hopefully once I get some of these tasks done
I can get to my fun to do list
of SEWING..........


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

We have winterizing to do also. Wood to finish stacking, I raked 3 huge piles of leaves and burned the other day. The areas are right back to where they were. Lawn furniture put away....lawn ornaments to pick up.

barbara woods said...

Hubby mowe's our leaves up so it returns to the soil but if we don't get rain we may become a dersert