Thursday, November 10, 2016

some November finishes

finished up this little scarf for granddaughter
gotta find a cute hat that will be easy to make
and slouchy as she has long hair
and I have 2 and a partial skeins left of this yarn

this will go into the gift box for now
but hubs was mentioning that we
needed more of these
funny, I never realized that he would notice or care
what we used to wash the dishes!
no dishwasher here
except the one with 2 legs and 2 arms LOL

and a little more retail therapy
got this little latch hook kit for granddaughter
figured MAYBE I could make a crafter out of her
since her Momma hated to craft LOL
but guess what?
this "kit" doesnt come with the latch hook tool
boy how times have changed.
hopefully I can find one to send along with it

Have you started on your Holiday gifting?
I am getting lots of headway 
and need to concentrate mostly now on the
deer and bear quilts

nieces are done
cats are done
friends are done
neighbors almost done
sons family partially done
daughters family partially done
hubs got a laptop and car so he is basically done

just brothers and Dad now.........
went and ironed the black strips for the deer quilt
and guess what?
they were too short
SO will have to piece them or find another piece of the black fabric

I should just start on the next one and get the deer part going
never dull round here!
and NO I dont have Veterans Day off
just the opposite
I am the ONLY ONE in a 3 person office
going in so I will be glad when Friday is over!
picture me answering phones and handing truck drivers tickets in window
along with billing out customers and paying the vendors
and anything else that comes along.
One ringy dingy...........
remember that or are you too young? LOL
love Lily Tomlin

1 comment: said...

Awe you are going to be crazy busy Friday. DH had Tuesday off. LOL Hubby needed new dish clothes? I do dishes (3 dishwasher loads almost) every 2 days not including what I hand wash.