Thursday, November 10, 2016

the waiting game

this guy is waiting in the wings
for time to back and batt
so that I can tie it
I am debating borders, no borders
it goes on the back burner as it is for ME

three of these are waiting
plus a bear
I need to get the black on this one and get
the nose to the grindstone
to the top of the list they go!

this guy is waiting too.
 maybe I will see what I can do this weekend to get him
further along the path
to completion
after all 
November IS turkey month!

and on the way to work I saw 8 wild ones crossing in front
of me.
reminding me............
to get going..........

this one is also waiting
and I will get another container and cut more and sew more rows
I want to be able to seperate out the colors
so wont stitch the rows together yet

all of them waiting.......

for ME to DO something!
whats on your list???


Rosemary Dickinson said...

I have about 6 projects going and sometimes have no time for any of them! Too bad we have to work. I love all your projects and hope your turkey is ready for the holiday! said...

You have so many great projects.