Tuesday, November 8, 2016

the year of the runner....

yeah dont put on your running shoes just yet
I mean the year of the table runner

 remember this from last  year?
uh hum.......yeah so what's it to ya?
well I had taken strips of Christmassy fabrics
and sewed them together into one LONG strip
they were like 18 inches wide

so I took them and split them into 2- 9inch lengths
took one length and cut in half the other way to make a
long runner and a smaller one to match

like this.........

and this is the smaller one
so TWO runner tops ready to layer and quilt up

hmmmm   what do I do with the other half?
well  how about a green instead of the red?
I didnt have much gold left so decided to just do one border

this stuff has been in the stash forever!
but I  like it
this one looks country

so I now have three runner tops
with borders on ready to layer and quilt
and one more to pull a border for

hows that for RUNNING?????

what are YOU making today?

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Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Great job. Similar but so different