Thursday, November 3, 2016

things that make me smile

my niece Kayla made me this one Christmas
when she was like 8
she is now 24 with a son of her own
I still have it in my sewing room
so I can see him every day
so so cute
it is a sock filled with rice
and painted

this also makes me smile
I am using up some small scraps
to make some nice mugrugs

how cute is that?  a little mugrug
would be cute with a coffee mug
and a coffee shop gift card
or hot chocolate

or even candy
nice little neighbor gift

see? How cute are those little animals on there?
I say pretty darned cute don't you?

says Christmas without  being Christmassy 
don't cha think?

can be used thru the winter season.

working on some "secret" projects
that I can not show on here
at least not yet.

hate when that happens......
I wanna show you I really do! LOL

2 comments: said...

Very cute. I agree the animals are very wintery, but not Christmasy.

barbara woods said...

Its hard to blog when you need to keep Christmas gifts secret