Monday, November 28, 2016

twas weeks before Christmas..........

twas weeks before Christmas and all through the house
not a creature was stirring..........

not even a mouse

I worked with some coffee
and goodies to stay alert
(not really this was a gift silly.... just play along)

because I needed to see how much 
I had done
(I know... I'm a jerk)

when up on the roof I thought I heard a clatter
(whats a clatter anyways)

I sprang up from bed to see what was the matter

it seems that the plumber didnt call and couldnt get in
who these companies hire sometimes is a sin

I let the turkey in so he wouldnt wake my friends

and sat down and got cozy 

and weaved in my knitted ends

I looked at the gifts I still needed to do
and called out to Dunkin

but he was sleeping too

so I guess I had better
get going and persevere

because as you all know
Christmas soon will be here!

just a little diversion for ya while
you and I work on some secret gift projects


2 comments: said...

ROFL I hear you. We have actually given up on any type of contractor or repairman and learned to do things ourselves. Can't depend on anyone to show up.

barbara woods said...

Send me some Christmas spirit please, I can't find any!