Saturday, November 26, 2016

what a difference a day makes

last minute I had the day off today.
no I didnt do the black Friday thing
instead I listened to Clint Black on our
radio was Clint Black Friday!

and this is the scene in the morning
Dunkin has to be ON my computer keyboard
because he never gets any attention you know LOL

so I went off and finished some projects like the bear tv pillow
I turned around to go grab a runner to put binding on,
and this was the scene
He was having a grand old time napping and chilling
on the tv pillow
hope the recipient likes it as much! ha ha

got some more of the stockings stuffed 
these are ready to go

wrapped a ton of gifts
and color coordinated the nieces and their boyfriends
so they will be easier to gather up later 

was going to look for a basket but this bowl will work 
just fine
it has a snowman on it
so now just gotta find some more things
to put in there

and need batteries
and shipping of these

I got a lot accomplished on my day off!
finished the two kite centerpieces, finished binding on the two red runners
and did all this wrapping and figuring out where I stand

I just have one boyfriend to do
some handwarmers to get
a pillow to get and then can mail some packages off

two older grandsons to do
and finish up for the 2 year old
and then just the deer quilts

so I guess I can get busy..........
not too too bad.....


Charlene S said...

You are way ahead of me! said...

Wow I am a slacker. :D

barbara woods said...

I never do black Friday, to rough forme

barbara woods said...

I never do black Friday, to rough forme