Saturday, December 31, 2016

Farm Girl Vintage

DO any of YOU have this book in your collection?
yeah, I'm talkin to YOU
well if you do, Jackie my friend and I 
(and a couple of blog readers too)
will start on Jan 1st with one block
how hard can that be, right?
we will do one block and show them
we will inspire each other and keep us accountable

found some other cute blocks too like these pigs and corn
I may need to figure it out and make one......

and Dunkin and Phoebe have to join the farm too

this one I need to get this one done

another one I love 
because I am a baker

and milkcans

just SOME of the neat blocks 
you may see in OUR   versions
wanna join us????
If you dont have the book.........
run, hop, jump and get one......
borrow one.........
you won't regret it.......

Friday, December 30, 2016

almost 2017

life is good
been sewing and having a grand old time

for 2017 this is the plan............
one week Jackie and I will work on 
a farm girl block

one week I will work on moving along on 
a UFO project

and one week I will try and make gifts for the
gift box

the other week will be for catching up
on any of the above

sounds like a good plan, right?
we will see if I can keep it up

so far the UFO projects have been moving along
and I know I have a ton of those zippy bags cut and ready to go
heres to hoping that 2017 sees the completion of some
long overdue projects

do you have any plans or resolutions for 2017?

the secret is to have parts already cut

a while back I got a package from JulieRose
with these precut blades
and I and Jackie made her a runner

fast forward to now.......after Christmas
I sewed up not one,
not two
but THREE beginnings
of runners
so I grabbed some border fabrics
to audition

the blue is a little darker but may work

Phoebe and Dunkin are looking at 
the border for  the pink one
dont they look like they are discussing possibilities?

this was Julies
love love love it!

Thanks again Julie for
cutting up those blades
I am having too much fun!
Spring runners? yep

Thursday, December 29, 2016

best of 2016

Meadow Mist Designs has a linky party
for your best of 2016
I looked back at a busy year
to see what I accomplished
the deer quilts were a huge accomplishment
so much so I didnt have too many pics
of them finished but rest assured my
brothers and Dad LOVED them!

the rest of the year was busy too as we had a
huge family reunion and I spent a lot of time
making little things
I also took time out to make these cute 
mug rugs for my nieces
just because I was playing in the scraps

I cleaned out closets
wait...... let me explain
if you take tee shirts
they are nice and soft
and usually around the hem edge
and the sleeve edges
you can cut out baby hats and sew them up
a few tees quickly turned into a pile of
about 20 hats that I donated to hospitals
for babies
a couple I gave to new Moms along with their quilts
and bibs

I dabbled in woodburning and I like it!
Big brother supplied me with many birch discs
to practice on........

I fell in love with this pincushion and made a ton
of them too. I gave some to my quilting buddies

this was the beginning of Dads quilt
it became reversible when brother said he
is not fond of bears
so the back has deer

I guess 2016 wasnt a bad year after all............
on to 2017

go check out meadowmistdesigns
for some inspiration


as I cleaned up small pieces of fabrics
I cut them into 2 1/2 inch strips
then into 5 x 2 1/2 strips
and the small ones 2 1/2 squares

then just because I can..........
I sewed them 2 x 2
then 4 x 4
and finally 32x32

it made almost 3 rows for a coin quilt
how cute would this look
with rows of UFO blocks?

we will see what this one says to me as I 
go along
for now I cleaned out a whole drawer
of scraps
so that was good...........

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

more parts are found

I found some of these
anyone who follows my blog 
knows how much I love t o make these little kite
I never did make the centerpiece of the month
for the niece that January snowflakes there?
I may be on to something
for the gift box........
gotta refill it you know............

so I also wound up a ton of bobbins for the machine
you know how it goes.
just as you hit the pedal to the medal
you run out of thread...........
and nothing kills finishing a project 

what have YOU been up to?

Monday, December 26, 2016

day after Christmas

I had a little time the day after Christmas so ended up in my room
to see if I could find the deer
I looked
and looked 
but he must have run off with Santa to the North Pole
so I went through boxes
and cut fabric into strips and squares
  and then found some UFO projects
this one was a mystery quilt
and I finished 4 blocks LOL
but it will make a nice little table topper
with a small border of blue
that is the plan for this one

this one here was started as a small baby quilt
the baby is now 20!
so it too will be a table topper
I found it
layered it
quilted it
now I just need to trim it and bind

not bad and the new year has not even begun!

linking up with Beth at lovelaughquilt

dont cha just love to see what others are up to?

have you seen this game?

I am not sure if this link will work but............
if you EVER want a funny game to pass the time with some friends
you GOTTA get this one!

I got one for daughters family and one for sons
and my niece had gotten one too

they played it and she posted a video.
OMG I was cracking up

my niece laughing hysterically at her Dad my brother made me cry I was laughing to hard.
true, false..........FALSE   and she couldnt get it because it was so so funny.

this is what the holidays are about. getting together with family and friends for some fun.
love it!

more cool gifts

my friend Jackie had someone make this for me
be still my heart
we had gone shopping together and I had seen 
a cookie jar with the red truck and tree on it
I  LOVED it BUT we try not to do 
cookies around here much so I didnt get it
she remembered and had this made and framed
It matches my truck Christmas coffee mug!


and she also gave me this little sewing basket ornament
look at the details
scissors, measuring take
fabric bolt

even quilting magazines!

and this pretty mousepad
does that Jackie know me or what???

mini canning jars so so cute

ignore my horrible need of a manicure badly!

she also gifted me a mason jar spoonrest
which is currently in use

thanks so much!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas to everyone!

lookie what I got! 
don't be jealous
I had "liked" it on facebook and my sis in law got it for me
and be still my heart........she is SEWING
love love love it!

Phoebe loved her gift
or the wrapping at least LOL

and Dunks loved having a new box to play in
they had me up little kids!

work spoiled us with pretty flowers...........

and a new Samsonite luggage piece

that was also filled with goodies
blanket, new jammies, beauty products
Vera Bradley travel bag, Godiva truffles
and two gift cards
yes I guess I  WAS  a good girl

I also got a new Bonnie Hunter book signed by Bonnie from a friend
who went to one of her sewing weekends
along with some fabric 
and some sweaters
and gift cards to go out to eat
and some teeny tiny Mason jars
with a cool Mason jar spoon rest for my kitchen
and a cute little sewing basket ornament
and a scrap quilted mouse pad
thanks Jackie! LOVE them ALL
especially the card........
I took so many pics that I have to recharge my camera battery!
will show more later........
Merry Christmas everyone! Hope yours is just as wonderful as mine
has been.........

Santa thought I was good......and don't you tell him otherwise

Collette of What about Rheema made me this
ornament last year
this still my heart....
she gave me a gift certificate to Missouri Star
I KNOW  my FAV place!
how sweet is she?

and of course I showed you what my niece made me

hubs and I do not exchange gifts
we get what we need year round so why spend money
just to get a gift?  We both got new computers this year
and he got the used car to replace his
I think that is enough don't you? LOL
I did get him a box of sugar free Russel Stovers
I didnt know they made them! hee hee

work gave us a ton of nice things
they started on Thurs with a beautiful arrangement of flowers
then on Friday we received a piece of luggage
AND it was filled with all kinds of goodies!
a pr of pjs, Godiva chocolates, a blanket, two gift cards over 100 dollars
lipstick, face serum
WOW  I guess they LIKE us LOL

my boss got me a nice sweater
her boss got me a gift card to the local coffee stop
the salesman got me a gift card to a local restaurant
 I guess I HAVE been a good girl!

Hope your Christmas was Merry and bright!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

you better watch out you better not cry...........

Phoebe is such a good girl
she always trys to cover for Dunkin
I mean he is a little buggar
and she is such an angel

someone knocked this over in a fit

then pushed his sister out of the covers

then cried because he couldnt get his way 
clawing at the couch

then hid in shame
because HE KNOWS

you better watch out
cause Santa Claus is coming to town..........

Friday, December 23, 2016

one brother with bear brothers are hunters
they eat the meat they hunt

if you go to their house
you may have bear meatloaf
or deer steaks
or rabbit stew

anywho, this is one brother with the bear
he got in Maine
this guy was causing havoc on the property
so he had to be taken out
he is now meatloaf
and meat in their freezer

maybe I should have given this brother
my fathers bear quilt LOL

naw........he is getting a deer quilt

he is a shy nice guy who never married
I felt bad for him as he is a workaholic
(reason for not meeting anyone)
and he loves nieces were
spoiled rotten by Uncle Joe
they went skiing, snowmobiling
and did all kinds of cool things with him and still do!

he is the next to the last sibling.........
you know the one

not the first
not the last
the in between one nobody notices

but I notice him and love him
so I spoil my baby brother with a deer quilt
because I can...........

this is the back of his

deer print in middle  and wolf border

someone is looking at me hee hee

and this is the back of my oldest brothers quilt....

found a panel (not the other deer I was looking for)
but he should have been a game warden
he loves the outdoors and animals
and can tell their tracks and habitats etc
I am thinking he will like this on the back of his

hey, you know Dad's quilt started it with the
reversible thing going on LOL

hoping they will like them
one is wrapped and one is in the
washing machine as we speak
down to the wire!
just the one brother to go..........
should I pray to St Anthony the
saint that helps you find things? 
I NEED THAT PANEL   grrrrrrrrrrr