Wednesday, December 14, 2016

a Christmas gift for you......

here is a gift for you from me and my niece
it is the drawn out directions for those
cute lap quilts
she whipped up in a couple days
YEAH and she is NOT a quilter!
not sure if you can read everything but 
basically she took squares and sewed them
and cut them to make 8 HST out of them
she said she started with 17 3/4 inch squares
(hey I can see this with those 10 inch squares we all collect
and maybe extend it out on the sides 
or border it right? )

and she even drew out the layout for you.

see how pretty in solids?
can you imagine one done in Kaffee Fassett?
or one in some batiks? or stonehenge?

anywho, Merry Christmas to you 
from this crazy quilting house..........

they finish as a lap size. I dont remember the exact dimensions
but play around with it and see what fun 
you can create

oooooo   just thought of something
if you drew it out you could start
out with yellow star in center going to orange then red
etc to make like a rainbow star

oh the possibilities
and THIS time make one for YOU
I said so!  hee hee

2 comments: said...

How great that she could figure the dimension even though those are mighty big squares to create. But we quilters limit ourselves with the tools we have at times.

barbara woods said...

Makes a beautiful quilt