Saturday, December 17, 2016

deer quilt number one

I stayed up and got the center sewed on this one
and then added top and bottom borders
I will sew the two smaller side borders today
and then on to sewing up deer number two

what do you think? 

I think Dunkin does too

I was stressing over the borders but DUH
the three of them have to have different borders
so they will know their quilt

so my "new plan" is to sew the three tops up
take the leftover fabrics used and make
pieced backs for them

then wavy line quilt them
and bind probably in black

If I remember right the very first part
went rather quickly once I had
the pieces all cut
(my stalling was losing the black strips and picking 
out the borders)
the way Jenny sews them by pinning the row
really makes it speedy

wish me luck on the homestretch!

one brother has a backup gift  LOL

6 comments: said...

LOL I think you should find a grinch panel and make that brother one.

Julierose said...

Love the white "snow" bottom borders--really makes it pop--nice job...hugs, Julierose

sunny said...

I think you have a great plan. And yes, the borders certainly should all be different. They are all going to be loved!! Too bad we have to take out time to eat and sleep.

Carol S. said...

I love the dimension of this quilt and the cat adds a nice touch. As for the Grinch...I love it!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I think your border plan is going to work out perfectly! Great thinking! Love that Grinch!

barbara woods said...

looks great, we are going to work our self's into a whole before Christmas