Saturday, December 17, 2016

gotta find these

my goal in Jan is to get organized
yeah really organized and 
gasp (Jackie dont be sticking out your tongue going I told
ya so)
I know........I cant
but I need to 
or at least be a sewing monster and make it into some useful things

these guys are hiding
in my room
and they need to be a Christmas quilt
either for my bed
or as a lap for the couch
to be brought out at Christmastime

these were made with a friend one year

we thought if we started in Jan
and made a block or so a month

that by Dec we would have 12 blocks
for a quilt

sounds reasonable right?
well we each picked out a pattern every other month
to make 12 inch squares
and some squares will finish at 12
and some are smaller
and some are larger
so they never made it into a quilt
now that  I am 
uh hm....... a More experienced quilter
(why are you laughing?)
I am hoping I can find a fabric to tie them together
maybe a Christmas green
maybe putting them on point
maybe framing them to showcase the blocks
but they WILL be made into a quilt
once I find them

one of those UFOs that bugs me because I LOVE 
the blocks
what are you planning after the holidays?

4 comments: said...

Those blocks are so pretty.

Julierose said...

I love these blocks--they could be all together medallion style with a lot of borders all round--really nice..hugs, Julierose

Carol S. said...

The blocks are beautiful and I love the idea of picking out a block together to sew each month. I need to do that with some of my quilty friends!

barbara woods said...

beautiful blocks