Wednesday, December 7, 2016

helping niece

this face is ready to attach to the body.......
niece is making one after she saw mine for a gift
she goes Auntie is it hard to do?  
well the fleece through the machine makes it hard
but no harder than following another pattern
so she took my scrap fur
for other fabric)
and cut it out
when she was here this past weekend she sewed the body 
and stuffed the legs
so I will sew the head and tail on and it will be done

my face I didnt do as dimensional as hers 

but this will be the end result
minus one cat
(or not!) LOL

I am so proud of her and her sister gave her a backhanded compliment too
she said to her Alicia, you always have such cool gifts for everyone
and make me look lame LOL
(she cooks and isnt into sewing)
I told her Brit people LOVE baked gifts too!
make up cookie and goodie trays with decorated cookies
and stuff........YUM

she MAY be having a gingerbread decorating party at her house
(be still my heart.....the girls used to LOVE when their
parents went black Fri shopping as I took them to my house
and we decorated the tree, sang Christmas music all day
long and decorated the gingerbread houses)
she wanted to know if I would come
Are you having some holiday fun?

3 comments: said...

Here I thought you were going to put a bear head under the tree for the brother causing the hate and discontent about the bear quilt. ;) Cute bear face. How cool to have two such talented family members.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Ha - that made me laugh so hard - a bear head under the tree as a spite. I didn't realize how large these are - cool!! Baked goods are always a treat and thankful gift. My grands are coming out this weekend for gingerbread house making with Nana and Gr.Nana.

barbara woods said...

So glad you have some one to buddy with