Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I think I figured it out

I love handmade..... this is a gingerbread house my niece made
me last year. I love it!  it means that the memories of 
making gingerbread houses means as much to her
as it does to me.   <3

and this was made by my good friend Collette at

love it!

and my boss made this last year
every year she says she crochets about 50 of them
and puts them in her cards

and this is the trimmed quilt
ready for the binding
here is the uh hmmmmm front...........LOL

and the scary bear back LOL 
if you dont know the story when I told my brothers
I was making a bear quilt for Papa bear my Dad
he laughed and said Dad hates bears!
oh my   so I had to put a deer
on the front.......
now it is reversible anyways........
they can display either the bear side or deer side
at their hunting cabin in Maine
and Dad gets to stay warm in his chair
all snuggled in
win win, right?

this is what I found in my stash for the binding
perfect, right?  pinecones
how come I never saw this fabric when I was making
my table runners?
must be because they wanted to join the deer and bear
in this quilt

my wonky quilting
dont look too close LOL
I did lines ah hem..... straight? about every 5 inches apart
then came back in and did curvy in the middle of those
I kind of like it
and I think it will hold it together nicely
for Dad
another one ALMOST done............
what are you making last minute?


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Looking good love the pine cone fabric. I am making a group of snowmen.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love handmade ornaments the best! Your wall hanging is coming out great. I'm sure your dad will love it no matter what!

barbara woods said...

love it , quilting my Hugh quilt for son and it's like fighting bears