Monday, December 5, 2016

making a list.........checking it twice

do you have any "must have" recipes
that you make each Christmas?
how fun to share
if I did a linky, would you share with us?

these 2 are not bakers

I miss this tree but know that it was for the best
it was way too large
and hitting the house
just seems so funny with it gone.........

brother sent me home with more of these discs to woodburn. 
told him if he gets me a ton of them
I can make a bunch throughout the year
and he can give to his friends in ME
(his neighbor requested some of my 
caramel apple jam- YUM  so I sent him off with a few jars)

this looks like some yummy banana bread
my Mom used to make a zuchinni pineapple bread
that was soo good 
we made it in loafs, muffins , cake shapes
and it was delicious no matter how you served it up

she also made a killer bread pudding
hers was not like some I have had
it was thick in a loaf and sliced like bread
had bread and apples and coconut in it
oh now my mouth is watering LOL

this one will be coming over today to finish up her list
she is my new quilting buddy

brother send home a wreath from ME
I fixed it up a little    will show later once my camera
battery is recharged

this is up on the door and the cats
are loving it

and these are what I need to concentrate on after the holidays
I want to glue down the outer edges
and maybe add some eyehooks
to loop thin ribbon
my friend wants to  start our 
Farmgirl quilt in Jan
I may also be doing ornaments of different kinds
and storing them away till Dec 2017
just sayin..........

2 comments: said...

My mom wasn't much of a bake. Now I brought my girls up baking cookies and there are some favorites.

barbara woods said...

I love to bake on rainy days like today