Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas to everyone!

lookie what I got! 
don't be jealous
I had "liked" it on facebook and my sis in law got it for me
and be still my heart........she is SEWING
love love love it!

Phoebe loved her gift
or the wrapping at least LOL

and Dunks loved having a new box to play in
they had me up little kids!

work spoiled us with pretty flowers...........

and a new Samsonite luggage piece

that was also filled with goodies
blanket, new jammies, beauty products
Vera Bradley travel bag, Godiva truffles
and two gift cards
yes I guess I  WAS  a good girl

I also got a new Bonnie Hunter book signed by Bonnie from a friend
who went to one of her sewing weekends
along with some fabric 
and some sweaters
and gift cards to go out to eat
and some teeny tiny Mason jars
with a cool Mason jar spoon rest for my kitchen
and a cute little sewing basket ornament
and a scrap quilted mouse pad
thanks Jackie! LOVE them ALL
especially the card........
I took so many pics that I have to recharge my camera battery!
will show more later........
Merry Christmas everyone! Hope yours is just as wonderful as mine
has been.........


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You were spoiled so well! Love your new sweatshirt!!

Merry Christmas to you!! =D said...

Great sweatshirt glad you were spoiled you deserve it.