Friday, December 23, 2016

one brother with bear brothers are hunters
they eat the meat they hunt

if you go to their house
you may have bear meatloaf
or deer steaks
or rabbit stew

anywho, this is one brother with the bear
he got in Maine
this guy was causing havoc on the property
so he had to be taken out
he is now meatloaf
and meat in their freezer

maybe I should have given this brother
my fathers bear quilt LOL

naw........he is getting a deer quilt

he is a shy nice guy who never married
I felt bad for him as he is a workaholic
(reason for not meeting anyone)
and he loves nieces were
spoiled rotten by Uncle Joe
they went skiing, snowmobiling
and did all kinds of cool things with him and still do!

he is the next to the last sibling.........
you know the one

not the first
not the last
the in between one nobody notices

but I notice him and love him
so I spoil my baby brother with a deer quilt
because I can...........

this is the back of his

deer print in middle  and wolf border

someone is looking at me hee hee

and this is the back of my oldest brothers quilt....

found a panel (not the other deer I was looking for)
but he should have been a game warden
he loves the outdoors and animals
and can tell their tracks and habitats etc
I am thinking he will like this on the back of his

hey, you know Dad's quilt started it with the
reversible thing going on LOL

hoping they will like them
one is wrapped and one is in the
washing machine as we speak
down to the wire!
just the one brother to go..........
should I pray to St Anthony the
saint that helps you find things? 
I NEED THAT PANEL   grrrrrrrrrrr

4 comments: said...

Oh that turned out great. Your brothers sound like they are very fun, and cool people just like you (I was going to say their sister, but I think there is an evil sister in the mix. LOL)

Julierose said...

Lovely quilt finishes for your brothers--they will just love them!! Hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...
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barbara woods said...

Good luck hunting for it